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Milo Tosser

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"Best game of 2016! I love it!" - @Nero
"You've basically cured cancer." - @germanBruin
"It's Fun!" - @Bubba9300
"It's a silly game. You're better off not finding it." - @uzalu_

Milo Tosser v0.35 Free to play! PC/Mac/Linux/Android

What is Milo Tosser?

Milo Tosser is a game where you control a trio of Islamists tossing Milo Yiannopoulos from the roof of a tall building towards targets on the ground. You score points by hitting targets and causing collateral damage. The player gets 5 tosses per game to try and get the best score. Currently there are 3 unique levels.

Who is Milo Yiannopoulos?

Milo (@Nero on twitter) is a British journalist who is the technology editor for I first learned of him as an advocate of #GamerGate, reporting on it starting in the later part of 2014. As a very charasmatic and likeable guy, his fame grows daily... having over 375k followers on twitter having been unfairly perma-banned from Twitter, appearing on shows like Joe Rogan, The Rubin Report and many others. He's well known for his stances against feminism, PC culture, and Social Justice Warriors. He has also voiced concern about the treatment of homosexuals in muslim dominated countries and considers Islam extremists to be a big problem in today's world. As a gay man who is a staunch advocate for free speech he was a perfect candidate as the "tossed".

-American Milo- [MIRROR]

Milo's Wikipedia page | Milo's Articles at Breitbart | Milo's Youtube channel

Milo talks with Alex Marlow about Milo Tosser

This game is homophobic!

The game is satire. This game is not promoting violence or hatred towards gay people by any means. It is, in fact, doing the opposite by mocking those who hate gays and who are motivated by their religion to do so. Is there another ideolgy that is more homophobic right now than Islam?

#NotAll. You're an Islamophobe. This game is racist!

In today's PC climate it may come to a shock to hear someone critisizing Islam. We are constantly told "All religions are the same." and Islam is a "religion of peace." It's easy to see that it contributes more than it's share of violence in the world. Just look at the multitude of lethal attacks that happen every day all around the world in the name of Islam. Any global terror report will show that 95% of the violence happening in the name of religion is coming from one ideology. "Not all Muslims are Terrorists!" .. of course they aren't. The majority are just trying to live their own lives in peace and do not condone the daily attacks that happen in the name of Islam. This is a distraction... talking about the non-problem instead of the problem. The fact is that hundreds of millions do support Jihad and Islamism in one form or another. For these people they will not be satisfied until the entire world is under Islamic rule. Pointing out that there is a serious problem with the ideology is not hateful or racist. We must be able to criticize bad ideas.

What's next?

I'm pretty much done with the game for now. I may add a few features now and then but it's definitely polished to my satisfaction. I may try to get the game on Steam as well as port the game to Virtual Reality, where you can see tosses happen from Milo's point-of-view! I also have other games in several stages of development.

Thank You

I'd like to thank these nice people for helping with Milo Tosser:

The Non Believer - David gave me a lot of support when this game was in an early stage. He encouraged me to keep at it, promoted it on his twitter feed, and even donated money to help with some of the assets. He was also the first person to play-test the game! Please check out his youtube channel for videos about Islam and other social issues.

Isaac Cohen - Isaac provided me with the soundtrack and helped come up with some ideas when the game was still a prototype. Check out his youtube channel if you'd like to know more about Islamic Terrorism. There are few that know more about the subject than he does.

Ross Willett, MableDONKEY, and PhilipCSwanson helped play-test the game and give suggestions on how to improve it. Thank you guys for the encouragement!

Also, a big thank you to
Devon Tracey (Atheism is Unstoppable) for his amazing video responding to ReviewTechUSA's criticism.

[MIRROR] Throw Milo Off A Rooftop Game Gets Criticized