Milo Tosser Changelog
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v0.50 - Aug 9th, 2016:
  • Blue twitter-bird as the tosser added as an option.
  • Rubin toss now gets a 20% bonus added to score.
  • Simple flag option for increased performance.
  • Fixed bug with Rubin quotes sometimes not playing.
  • PC/Mac/Linux: Fixed bug with controls screen showing up when it shouldn't.
  • How To Play - tutorial to show the basics of how to play Milo Tosser.
v0.49 - July 9th, 2016:
  • Patreon link from Extras section removed.
  • Minor changes to Social Media section.
v0.48 - June 26, 2016:
v0.47 - May 29, 2016:
  • Scores for hitting target displayed with their 10% bonus added if using fast power meter.
  • Spark effect added to bombs which are active.
  • Rubin Toss audio normalized. Face in lives display's colors balanced.
v0.46 - May 26, 2016:
  • Power % numbers no longer jump around when changing.
  • Android: Slot description during spin no longer covered up by controls.
  • Android: Bug fixed: Level 2 and Level 3 could not switch power meter speeds.
  • Slow power meter moves slightly faster.
  • Using fast power meter gives a +10% bonus to toss score (Big Bucks slots not effected)
v0.45 - May 25, 2016:
  • Rubin's face shows up in the lives display when a "Rubin on Rye" slots mode is active.
  • Slots now show description/explanation
  • Milo's returned to his blue outfit. Rubin is in a white shirt.
  • Slower power-meter added as an option (D-Pad up / up-arrow key toggles)
    (Android users touch the Power meter to toggle)
v0.44 - May 23, 2016:
  • Milo is wearing black now. Will work on different outfits in the future.
  • New Slots Type: Rubin on Rye. Guest appearence by some gay Jew.
  • Pickles now always attacks when he should, can jump farther.
v0.43 - May 21, 2016:
  • New bomber moderate type (2 per level, not in revenge toss). They try to blend in...
  • Gutterball announcement removed. Your feelings are now spared when you get a 0-point toss.
  • Y-button / y-key toggles music on/off while in-game.
  • New Slot Results:
    • Jihad+: +2 bomber moderates on the field.
    • Big Bucks: +1000 points awarded immediately.
    • Pickles Power: Pickles the hedgehog sneaks a ride in Milo's pocket.
    • Sandstorm: Strong wind, wind speed hidden, +2 bomber moderates.
    • Deverified: Power meter only updates at 0% and 99%.
    • Whammy: Multiple negative results. Good Luck.
v0.42 - May 18, 2016:
  • Sun changes position in the sky, creating different shadows for each toss.
  • Title screen minor improvements & bug fixes.
  • Alerts shown when best toss/revenge toss have been achieved.
  • Bonus Spins & Gutterballs (tosses with scores of 0) kept track of in stats.
  • Moderates now attempt to encircle Milo before stoning.
  • Young moderates now have improved death animation.
v0.41 - May 17, 2016:
  • Revenge toss text now blinks (woah!)
  • Thank You and Support sections added to Extras.
  • Fixed focus problem with UI on Extras screen.
  • Younger Moderate type added. 200 points.
  • Toss no longer ends prematurely if a falling bird can still trigger explosions.
  • New Red X animation & sound effect.
  • Skill Shot animation improved.
v0.40 - May 13, 2016:
  • Barrels that explode because of Mad Mods or other barrels can now blast Milo around.
  • Thrown rocks don't roll as much.
  • Revenge Toss text added.
  • "bad" slot entries show up as different color during spin.
  • Skill Shot distance line shown on ground as a reference with no wind.
  • Rock collision sound fixed.
  • New Game Over sounds.
  • Rainbow colors used on Skill Shot, New High Score
  • Android version: on-screen joystick restricted to X-axis use.
v0.39 - May 12, 2016:
  • Bug fixed with some chain-reaction barrel scores not counting.
  • Tweaked barrel placements on levels 2 and 3.
v0.38 - May 11, 2016:
  • Rooftop hedgehogs removed from Android version.
  • Moderates don't get knocked around by thrown rocks anymore.
  • Moderates wander around a bit while waiting for Milo to get tossed.
  • Moderates may trigger barrel explosions during revenge toss.
  • Slots bonus mode now displayed before throw (if one is set)
  • Sound effects added (power meter, wind)
  • Birds falling on Barrels will trigger explosions.
  • Slots Bonus Added: Death Roll - Milo may roll towards bullseye as a last act.
  • Slots Bonus Spin now triggered by a Toss of at least 1000 points.
  • Special Bird (Raven) score reduced from 1000 to 750 points.
v0.37 - May 10, 2016:
  • Colorful Milo Flag icon returned to PC/Mac/Linux.
  • Both landscape orientations are possible now for Android.
  • Bug fixed with Slots mode showing up on last toss.
  • Spinning slots can now be stopped sooner.
  • Slots Mode is now only triggered with a bullseye (previously was any target hit)
  • Extras: If censored flag was selected at time of re-cucking the game, switches back to default flag.
  • "Big Bang" slots bonus barrel explosion size increase now 40% (from 35%).
v0.36 - May 9, 2016:
  • Bug fixed with calculating Skill Shot % in the Stats.
  • Extras Social Media section can now display a link to a twitch channel instead of youtube.
  • BONUS Slots mode for hitting targets. (effects next toss only) #NotAll Bonuses are good!!
    • Target Fun - Targets are 135% their normal size
    • Calm Wind - Just like it sounds.
    • Mad Mods - Moderates will trigger barrel explosion if contacted.
    • Big Bang - Barrels will have larger and more powerful explosions.
    • Bird Bombs - The birds carry explosives and detonate when hitting the ground.
    • Extra Toss - A bonus toss of Milo. Rare!
    • Tiny Targets - Targets are half their normal size!
    • Gusty Wind - Stronger than a stiff breeze.
  • More bonuses will be added in the future.
  • Score needed to trigger Revenge toss has been raised from 2500 to 3000.
v0.35 - May 5, 2016:
  • Windows/Mac/Linux: Added keyboard shortcut for changing flag on Extras screen (f key).
  • Title screen enhanced, color scheme better matches new title.
  • Critters of unknown origin have been seen roaming the rooftops.
  • New alternate death-cam / skill-shot death animation.
v0.34 - May 3, 2016:
  • Removed one of the common birds from each level.
  • Removed Wind Strength indicators from all flags except closest (PC/Mac/Linux)
  • Level 3 redesigned a bit, 2nd water tower removed.
  • Title screen improvements: Easier to read text, new graphic.
  • Title screen and Extras now have full keyboard/game controller navigation.
  • Milo quotes have been normalized for volume.
v0.33 - April 31, 2016:
  • 60+ additional fabulous Milo Quotes added (now over 120 in total!)
  • Random revenge toss quotes.
  • Android build: reduced # flags to 1.
  • PC/Mac/Linux builds: increased flags to 4 or 5 per level.
v0.32 - April 29, 2016:
  • Lots of optimizations! All deployed builds are now smaller.
  • Flag animation fixed up, better represents the wind speed.
  • Google Play Store version created for Android devices.
  • Milo is slightly more patient before complaining.
v0.31 - April 28, 2016:
  • Censored graphic a bit more covering on Extras Screen.
  • "De-Cuck game" option removed from Google Play build.
  • Bug with rooftops not registering properly has been fixed.
  • Revenge toss now uses a bomb graphic instead of a Milo head.
v0.30 - April 26, 2016:
  • Revenge Toss now requires 2500 points to trigger.
  • Bullseyes removed from Revenge Toss.
  • Skill shot disabled during a Revenge Toss.
  • Additional stats: Revenge Tosses (+%), Best Revenge Toss, Skill Shot (+%)
  • Revenge Toss no longer factors into avg. toss score, etc.
  • Camera zooms in on the carnage at end of Revenge Toss.
  • Skill Shot announcement looks a little nicer, gauge easier to read.
  • Level 3 added more moderates & barrels.
  • Fixed some focus bugs on the title screen of the Windows version.
v0.29 - April 25, 2016:
  • Barrels can now detonate other barrels if explosion hits them.
  • Added Bonus Stage when player scores at least 1000 points by the end of the game. (Terrorists don't always win now!)
  • Fixed beginning of splash screen audio, was a bit quiet.
v0.28 - April 24, 2016:
  • Game background music can now be toggled on & off from the title screen.
  • Splash screens touched up, move quicker. Custom White Male Remix used.
  • Trigger Warning made more visible as some people missed it.
  • Second Flag added to top of building.
  • Birds & Targets hit show on the Totals section of Game Over.
  • Skillshot added. (+500 points)
v0.27 - April 22, 2016:
  • Fixed bug introduced in the v0.25 Android version which didn't allow skipping of Splash/Intro.
  • Stats shown at Game Over: barrels hit / moderates killed.
  • Barrels now give 250 points when exploded.
  • Fixed bug where special bird could not be hit.
  • Fixed bug where power % was not showing 0 after cancelling power.
  • Stats added to Extras section.
  • Splash Screens and Intro can now be viewed from the Extras Screen.
v0.26 - April 21, 2016:
  • Fixed bug with Milo sometimes dying too early when colliding with scenery.
  • Removed "aiming cutlass" from Trio.
  • Setting power may now be cancelled on PC/Mac/Linux builds.
  • Trio may now be rotated during "setting power state".
  • Reduced sensitivity of Trio rotating.
  • Windows version: Gamepad controls cleaned up. Best way to play now!
  • Windows version: Controls displayed for Keyboard & Gamepad.
v0.25 - April 19, 2016:
  • Fixed bug with Milo sometimes dying immediately at the top or to birds.
  • Fixed bug in Extras screen and touched it up.
v0.24 - April 18, 2016:
  • Fixed bug with Barrel explosions being too explosive on the some computers.
  • Explosions enhanced.
  • Audio feedback for title screen/extras UI buttons
  • Title screen text improved.
v0.23 - April 17, 2016:
  • Added special bird on each level (1000 points).
  • Power Meter enhanced.
  • Power control have changed. First push starts meter, second push sets power.
  • Trio doesn't start running until power is set.
  • Death camera added.
  • Aiming camera now moves as Trio aims, making aiming a bit easier.
v0.22 - April 16, 2016:
  • Trigger Warning added to Full Intro toggle on extras screen.
  • Intros fixed for 3x2 resolution, White Male splash screen added.
  • All moderates now cheer, even those not in range to throw rocks.
  • Fixed bug where Milo would sometimes get stuck alive/flailing.
  • Minor tweaks to Levels 2 & 3.
v0.21 - April 14, 2016:
  • Fixed bug with wind not working right.